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Read a book,

learn a language.

Finish the book,

become fluent.


  • LangReader is the first app, which solves the problem of reading in a foreign language for all students.

  • With one-tap translations, definitions and vocabulary exercises, LangReader allows students, both ESL and enrolled in foreign language classes, to read college materials on par with native speakers.

  • LangReader easily integrates with modern college curriculums. It is the only foreign language app, which doesn’t aim to steal the job of a teacher, but integrate into the educational process.

  • LangReader is very simple in customization, which allows it to be used by various audiences, from students to linguists and language researchers. It can serve as a handy companion for learning comparative literature, making linguistic and phonetic analyses, creating custom dictionaries, assignments, textbooks, managing homeworks and grading students.

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