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LangReader is the first, professional tool, which allows people to learn foreign languages through reading books.

LangReader is the friendly tool for an Extensive Reading method with decades of scientific research behind.

It is the first reader with a built-in fully customizable dictionary and unique terms learning system.

LangReader increases the speed of learning vocabulary more than two times faster comparing to any other existing practices.


“People acquiring a second language
have the best chance
for success through reading.”

Stephen D. Krashen

Stephen D. Krashen is an American scientist, linguist & educational researcher.
One of the most influential theoreticians in second language acquisition.
He established a general theory of second language acquisition.

Select any unknown term from a foreign eBook and press the “LEARN” button to add this term to your dictionary.

You can see that the translation of the unknown term will be automatically extracted from the dictionary and will appear as a tooltip above the term — this is the most natural way to perceive information.



With LangReader you don’t need to use a separate dictionary or notes, or to waste your time on copy-pasting anymore.

LangReader analyzes your degree of knowledge of a particular term and then assigns each term a different significance and suggests various exercises for learning them better.



LangReader has a very handy dictionary which you can customize in any way you want.

You can create as many folders and subfolders as you need and also separate terms by broad criteria, themes or different parts of speech.


You can organize your working process and start learning terms from anywhere in the dictionary thanks to the ADVANCED LEARNING SYSTEM.


We have created our own algorithm based on the spaced repetition learning technique to increase your vocabulary retention.

LangReader helps you to learn new terminology using the innovative attentional distribution system.



⚠️ The full access to the all exercises will be available in the future.



LangReader has a built-in translator that allows you to quickly add new words, phrases and sentences to your own dictionary.



Naturally, you also have the opportunity to learn the terms according to the selected tags using various exercises!


If folders, for example, can be used to distribute terms by hard criteria (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc) then tagging allows you to distribute terms to various conversational topics. This is very useful for speech practice since many different tags can be assigned to the same term.

LangReader has a built-in linking system between terms of similar meaning.


LangReader helps you to learn new terminology using the innovative attentional distribution system.


Unique feature —
you can select several fragments of text simultaneously.


There are some languages that have composite constructions of terms (for instance, the English language with its phrasal verbs) and this function allows you to add these into your dictionary.

LangReader has a built-in store that offers you to immediately start reading foreign literature with parallel study of unfamiliar terms.


At the moment, the library offers books in several languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. If a user is learning a language for which there are no books in the store, he can manually upload any other ePub books to their library.

LangReader has an additional extensive toolkit for comfortable study of large volumes of dictionary entries.
Each user can develop his own algorithm for the effective use of the program, so this circumstance favorably distinguishes LangReader from other products in the market of learning foreign languages.

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